Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Wedding - The Preparation Part 1

Starting from Dec 2008, I was really busy with the preparation. I've lost some weight due to lack of sleep, lots of work and of course, the stress. Trust me, the stress level was really, really high until at one point I cried because I felt so tired & helpless.

We've decided to buy our own things for hantaran, then swapped them before the wedding. We both thought that was practical as we only have to spend for what we want only.

For our bersanding reception, we picked dark peach/ brownish peach for our wedding costume. I bought this lace from First Impression boutique at jln TAR. I didn't want to rent the wedding dress as I was afraid that the rented dress would do no justice to me. I'm petite & curvy, therefore it was really hard to find something that would really fit me perfectly. Thank god my mom is a tailor, so I left the wedding dress part to her :)

This is the wedding ring for Hafiz, white gold 750 or some said suasa putih.. we call it the wedding ring. We bought it from Habib Jewel with 50% discount.. yeah.. you read it right.. 50% discount!. Simple yet masculine.

The door gift for our guests, we put candy in it. We bought this cute lil candy box from Ayer Hitam, Johor. We also bought our ready made bunga telur & most of our hantaran decorations from there. It was cheap, well.. minus the toll & petrol.. We were visiting my dad in Kluang, Johor in December, so we dropped by at Ayer Hitam on our back to KL.

The photo shoot for our wedding invitation card.
We just went to the nearest photoshop & took few photos. The baju melayu was actually belongs to Hafiz brother in-law, he borrowed it for the photo shoot. My lace kebaya was from my mom's collection, and make-up was done by me. Hmmm... so now u guys know why i looked like 'amoi' in the photos.. the make-up was done by an amatur... ;-p

My wedding invitation card, ordered it from a website; . RM0.90 per piece.
The proposed for canopy for pengantin. Since my mom's place is a 3rd floor apartment, is was so not practical to have the bersanding session upstair. So, I've decided to put the pelamin under the canopy. The final lay out was different though, but we still 'bersanding' under the canopy.

Next.. the henna part. No malay brides would get married without 'berinai'. so, I just tried to be a little creative by trying to do the henna myself.. the result, I straight away called Devi's Bridal in Taman Samudra to fix an appointment with her. Well.. my design was ok I guess.. for a standard 6 girl maybe!