Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Skin79 Hot Pink BB Cream

Out of curiosity & desperation to control my oily skin, I gave in to my desire to purchase the cream.

The cream was said to be very good in giving perfect coverage to face & at the same time can help improve the skin. Most of the reviews said the oily & acne prone skin can really benefit from this cream. So, me, being the typical me.. straight away placed an order with this particular blog. Once my order was confirmed, I transferred the cash to the account number provided by the shop, & I waited almost impatiently for the miracle cream to arrive.
I thought I would get the cream in a day or 2.. but how I was wrong!!!!!!
I waited for almost a month!
Finally, the cream arrived when I was almost forgotten about it already. Never mind, I guess they used the turtle to deliver my cream.. :-p
The cream turned out to be good.. well.. it doesn't really give perfect coverage (maybe I used it too little.. Have to save la.. gotta plan to have baby soon), but it does control the oil production.. my skin is less oily now. I can't comment on its effect on acne as my skin is quite free from acne.. che wahhh.. perasan plak..
Anyway.. the cream is good, but you still have to wear foundation on top of the cream..

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Gubahan Hantaran Pertunangan Lili & Syah

21 March 2010 - Bt 5, Jinjang, KL.

She's finally engaged!

My bff, Lili finally decided to step into another phase of her relationship with her bf. She asked me to do the hantaran for both her her side & Syah's side. So, here i present you my hasil kerja tangan...

Hantaran 5 dulang from Lili to Syah, the theme colour was cream gold. I used cream & light peach artificial flowers to decorate her hantaran.

A box of chocolate..

Sepasang persalinan with sampin songket for Syah

A basket of fruits..

The cake, ordered from Kedai Kek Hidayah, Taman Samudra. She didn't want to decorate the box too heavy, so I just put a bunga dulang that was made from the artificial flowers.

Hantaran from Syah to Lili, the theme colour was silver & black.

A set of beige colour beaded chiffon for Lili..

The engagement ring & chocolate from Syah to her lady love. I put the chocs in the small basket to make it less common than the normal FR chocolates & also to make it different from the chocolates that was prepared for Lili's side. The box was put on top of the decorated glass to give a rich touch to the hantaran.. well more of less..

Hm.. I hope I've done a good job here for her.. gotta work harder for her wedding.. caiyok.. caiyok..

Bib, Lili & me

Monday, March 29, 2010

Make-up for Majlis Akad Nikah Dr Suliana & Syarin

Akad Nikah Dr Suliana & Syarin on 19th Aug 2007 at Prima Ukay, Saujana Melawati

My 1st time to do bridal make-up..

The outfit, baju kurung moden chiffon was made by my mother, Pn Azizah.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Wedding - Reception in Malacca

8 May 2009

The night before the reception.
Hafiz requested to have the mlm berinai session. We hired Heintje again, this time with 3 costumes.

Didn't I just look like Cinderalla in this green gown..

From Bollywood with love..

Traditional Minang costume..

9 May 2009 - The Reception

Preparation - Make-up & hair by Suhaimi Baharom.

My hubby seemed so amused by something..

At the reception.
The songket attire was made by my mother.

The door gifts, a custom made zikir CD & goodie bags.

Photography by Marzuki from ZY-Photo Studio.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Wedding Day - Another Journey of Mine

2 May 2009

Finally... the day came at last! I woke up so early, actually I woke up few times that night.. I was nervous, excited, scared, happy.. a lil bit sad.. all rolled into 1. I wondered how it was gonna be after that day.. would I be happy? Would I be able to be a good wife.. I just hoped everything would be ok, & this marriage will last till the end of time.. Amin.

Hantaran form my side to Hafiz.. 9 dulang hantaran.

Our bilik pengantin.. the wall decor was done by me :)
The flower arrangement was ordered from my make-up artist, Heintje.

The Solemnization ceremony was held at 9.30 am in Surau An-Naim, Pangsapuri Fiona, Taman Samudra, Batu Caves.

1 happy bride..

My bffs, Lili & Bib..

Hafiz during the Akad Nikah. Alhamdulliah.. we were legally married after 2 times of lafaz nikah. Maybe Hafiz was nervous, that's why his 1st lafaz was wrong.

7 dulang hantaran from the groom to the bride..

Make-up by Heintje Nazarudin, owner of Heintje Couture. He's also 1 of the popular make-up artist in Malaysia and the founder of Heintje Dancers, a dance group which was familiar with HMI & Citrawarna Malaysia. The best thing was, he's my mother's good friend since they were both young..

The 3-tier wedding cake was ordered from Kedai Kek Hidayah, Taman Samudra, Bt Caves. So far it was the cheapest in town.. I only paid RM170.00 for the cake.. cool rite..

The reception was held at my mom's apartment, Fiona Apartment Taman Samudra on the same day.

The hand bouquet was also ordered from Heintje, RM85.00..

The dais (pelamin) back drop n flowers were from Erin & Erina Sequins.

The Goodie Bags for relatives & close friends

Bunga telur or bunga pahar, to be given to relatives or friends who performed adat merenjis to bless the bride & groom..

The outdoor photo session was done after the reception at Taman Metropolitan, Kepong.
We hired my friend, Sham from Sharm Captured for the whole day event on 2nd May 2009.

A page & front & backcover of our wedding storybook album, by Sharm Captured.

It was such a memorable day.. a day when I became a wife, a lawfully wedded wife to the man that I love so much.. I'm now officially Mrs Hafiz Nazime!