Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Home Make Over

We moved into this 3 bedroom apartment in June 2009, 1 month after we got married. The apartment is not so spacious but it’s still ok for us as we don’t really need big space at the moment. We didn’t have enough time, that’s why we did not paint the apartment. We thought, ok.. we’re not gonna stay here forever & plus it’s not even ours.

Then we realised, if we’re going to stay here for few years before we get our own place or move to another place, we should at least make it more comfortable for us to live in. To make a huge makeover is definitely a no-no, so we guessed the next best thing to do was to repaint the place to give it a new look that suits our taste & style. So, we started our work...

We browsed few websites & blogs, just to get some ideas. We also checked out some paint catalogs before we decided to choose Lavender Grey & Grey Dew from Nippon Matex Gold.

This was the original looks;

We started the painting work on Friday night, 30th July 2010 and finished everything on late Sunday night...

When we've done with the painting, it was time for some serious decoration!
We used wall stickers in living room & our bedroom.. well.. it's the latest trend now. We also framed some cheap wall stickers & hang them.. the cheap & chic wall arts...

Cheap sticker from a DIY shop.. RM2.50 each..

The frame is from Hinode, Rm5.00 each..

Here are the results;

Here we used a wall sticker that we ordered from

This wall sticker also from

We are so happy with our home's new look... we're ready for hari Raya now!