Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recycled Wedding Decor

Last weekend – 29th March 2010

I stumbled into these frames of flowers when I was doing doing some cleaning on Sunday. Some of the flowers were already out of place, some even missing!
I wanted to throw away the flowers, but then.. rasa sayang pulak. So, when I was helping out a friend with her wedding preparation, I bought myself a few stalks of red flowers from the ’99 Shop’ in Setiawangsa. I could not find the pink carnations though, so dark red was the next best bet.

5th April 2010

I rearranged the flowers in the frames, since the tone colours were slightly different. I put the darker reds at the centre (the dark ones were lesser than the carnations... ;-p) & the old carnation flowers at the outer side.

Hubby was happy with the new look of the frames, he hinted that I should hang it in our bedroom. Hmm.. why not?