Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Puding Kastad Pisang Sira

Ai try satu resepi ni ari tu.. Puding kastad pisang. Oh mai.. Syoknya layan..

Resepinya begini;

5 biji pisang berangan yg msak ranum
- potong pisang & goreng menggunakan butter. Goreng sehingga pisang jdi keperangan.

Puding kastad;
1 tin susu sejat
400 ml air
5 sudu besar tepung kastad
2 biji kuning telur
3/4 cawan gula pasir

Kacau kuning telur hingga berbuih, masukkan susu, air, tepung kastad dan gula.

Kacau hingga sebati.

Masak di atas api kecil sehingga pekat berkilat. Angkat dan tuang ke dlm bekas yg telah di letak pisang td. 

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Bangkok, City of Angels ~ Day 4

15th June 2013

We just spent the day to do last minute shopping at the Pratunam Market area to finish all of our thai bahts. Price are cheaper than Platinum Mall but you have to buy more than a pc in order to get a cheaper price.

But don't worry, you can mix all items from the same store. Didnt take many pics as we were too busy spending our last thai bahts here..

Ini adalah Pratunam Wholesale Market, where you can get a nice cardigan for only THB 150 if you purchase 2 or 3 pcs.

During lunch time kami agak buntu jugak utk mncari tempat mkn sbb we didn't see any halal eating places there. Then we asked a young thai muslim girl (we knew she is a muslimah as she was wearing hijab), she can speak BM tp dgn loghat kelantan.. she was so nice, she even walked us to the one & only halal stall kt Pratunam Market tu. Semoga Allah merahmati gadis tu, Ida namanya.. she's mmg local girl, tp her father is from Kelantan and mom is from Bangkok.

Gerai makan ni simple jer, food was just ok but there was no other choice so we just sit down and eat. Duit pon dah nak abes so xleh byk songeh sgt.. makan jer..

Ni owner gerai tu.. ari tu dia berniaga dgn anak pempuannya.. both can speak bm tp x fluent seperti Ida tadi..

Dah pas mkn kami masuk blik ke dlm Pratunam Wholesale Market & sambung lgi acara beli belah ngn berbekalkan Thai bahts yg dah makin kurang.

Around 4pm kami balik ke hotel & waited for our cab, kami mtk owner hotel tu book kn a cab for us, not for free though.. kena byr THB 50 utk service charge booking cab tp xper la.. dari kami nk seret bag2 ke jln besar & tahan cab sndri.. apae la sgt nya THB 50 tu kan..

Depan hotel sblum gerak ke airport..

Kawasan bandar Pratunam.. perhatikan kabel2 berselirat tu..

Our cab arrived at 5pm and we reached Don Mueang Airport before 6pm. The cab charged us around THB 400.. agak murah dr yg kami jangkakan.. maybe sbb x jem sgt masa tu.

Our lugage.. ;-p

Baggage check in process went well, so kami just hang around dlm airport smntra nk tggu time to board our flight. Nk gi mkn2 mmg x berani wlupon perut sgt lapar. Nak beli snacks pon takut sbb kt kedai snacks kt airport tu all the snacks bercampur2 ngn snacks yg dibuat dr pork.. ishh.. x lalu terus nk beli ape2...

Di sebabkan lapar sgt, kami beli mknan dlm flight.. Nora bought nasi lemak and I bought nasi putih green curry.. Nora belanja. I told Nora, bkn sng nk dpt org belanja mkn di atas awan ni.. hehehe..

We had fun in Bangkok but kami x sabar jugak nk blik sbb we missed our loved ones. i have a feeling that I'll come again nanti.. tgok lah nanti..

Bangkok, City of Angels ~ Day 3

14th June 2013

Ari ni kami ade aktiviti melawat ke Grand Palace & Emerald Temple. Kami amik pakej 1/2 ari jer sbb nk jimat.. hehehe..

We purchased a half day tour to Grand Palace & Emerald Temple from which cost us THB950 (RM95) per person. We purchased the tour package before we leave KL. There were 6 of us in the tour, whereby 4 of the tour members are from Philipine.

They picked us up from our hotel at 9am and straighaway went to the Grand Palace. Below are the pics of the trip;



After that kami di bawa ke Gems Gallery.. tgok brg2 permata & brg2 kemas.. I just bought a semi-precious stones bracelet for my mom.. xdak budget beb nk beli brg2 kemas.. mahai jugak...

After the tour, we asked Jenny our tourist guide to drop us at Masjid Darul Aman area on Petchaburi Soi 7 as we wanted to have our lunch at Farida Fatornee Muslim Restaurant. I approached a young muslim guy who just came out from the masjid, after the Salam greeting i asked him, 'Do you speak english?', he replied 'sikit-sikit boleh'. and i was like, 'ohw.. boleh cakap melayu'.. he then showed us the direction to Farida Fatornee with bahasa melayu kelantan.

At Farida, kami ordered guess what.. tomyam lgi la of coz.. ayam paprik n sayur.. the food was great but at Yana Restaurant was better. Total meal ni around THB300+ (RM30+) utk 2 org mkn. Kt cni ai ordered teh ais sbb dah rindu ngn teh ais kl.. sob sob.. ceh.. baru gi 3 ari jer.. klu 3 bln ntahla...

Then, we went to Platinum Fashion Mall to do what girls do best, shop till we drop! We were there smpai mlm sbb ujan, then we walked back to our hotel kepenatan. So we decided to just stay in the room sbb dah mlm and.. duit da nk abess.. ;-p


Ladies, please spare full day & wear your walking shoes when visiting this mall. not forgetting, cash.. lots of it..

For dinner we only tapau Durian Sticky Rice from Platinum Mall Food Court & ate in our room.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Bangkok, City of Angels ~ Day 2

13th June 2013

Trip ari ke-2.. ke Madame Tussauds!!!

Kami breakfast kt hotel jer.. mkn toast ngn scramble egg, tu jer yg berani kami mkn. Btw, kt The Nook ni xder serve pork, so xde mslhla utk kami mkn any no meat meals kt cni.

Dari hotel kami naik tuk-tuk utk Siam Discovery Center sbb Madamme Tussauds ni trltk di Siam Discovery Center. Siam Discovery Center ni bertentangan dgn MBK Mall.

X larat nk citer pnjg2 lgi, ni sebahagian pics yg kami amik kt Madamme Tussauds...

Entrance fee Madamme Tussauds ni THB 800 (+- RM80), tp sbb kami beli tiket early bird scara on9 sblum kami smpai ke Bkk lg maka kami dpt pd hrga yg menarik, cuma THB 400 shj.. A good deal kan...

For further info, you guys may check out their website,

Madame Tussauds
Siam Discovery
6th Floor, 989 Rama 1 Road
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330

Dari Madamme Tussauds kami jln pulak kt kedai brg2 aksesori Naraya yg jugak trltk di Siam Discovery. Sbbnya nk menyeberang ke MBK x dpt, tgh ujan lebat.. jd smntra nk tggu ujan reda kami pusing2 dlm Naraya dlu. Dlm tgok2 jer tu, trbeli jgak la few cosmetic pouches yg nk diadiahkn pd kwn2.. ok la.. hrga pon not bad..

Smpai je di MBK Mall kami terus cari Yana Restaurant sbb kami dah lapar sgt.. n kami baca byk reviews yg bgus psl restoran tu.. plus it's d one & only halal restaurant kt MBK Mall tu. Tu la peluang kami nk mkn makanan thai halal yg asli.

Kami ordered.. nasi putih, tomyam seafood, kerabu mangga & sweet sour chicken.. Verdict kami? Huhuhu... mmg best & puas ati sgt2..smpai rasa nk dtg mkn kt ctu ari2.. hehehe.. harganya THB521.. kira2 RM52 camtu la... klu kt Bkk dah kira mahal jgk sbb klu gerai tepi jln lg murah tp tahap kehalalan nya di ragukn sgt.. klu compare ngn harga kt authentic thai food restaurants kt kl lak.. mmg jauhhhhhh lg murah.. Ai pnh mkn kt Tamarind, kena smpai Rm200+ utk 2 org mkn.. jauh beza kan..

Then kami jln smbil shopping ape yg patut kt MBK Mall ni. KLu nak tau, MBK Mall is exactly like Sg Wang Plaza, byk kedai jual baju2, bags and cover handphone and the price of clothes are cheap. I bought a cabin size 4 wheels luggage for only THB1200.


From MBK Mall we took a cab back to our hotel, rehat2 jap sbb sblum kuar blik.

After that we headed to Pratunam Night Market which is situated near the famous Baiyoke Sky Tower Hotel. We just walked from our hotel so that we can enjoy the night view and all the stalls located along the Petchaburi Road. We bought fried chicken drumsticks for dinner from this 1 halal fried chicken stall in front of 7 Eleven near our hotel.


 After spending a considerable amount of time and not to mention, money.. we took a tuk2 to go back to our hotel as it was already late at night and we were too tired to walk back to the hotel, cost us THB30 for the 1 trip.

Sampai hotel kami mandi and mkn ayam goreng tu n terus zzz sbb pagi esok nya kami ade trip ngn 1 travel agent ni.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Bangkok, City of Angels ~ Day 1

12th June 2013
This time the trip was to Bangkok with my girlfren.. kira shopping trip la ni kononnya.. Sampai kt lcct terus jmpa Nora and gi mkn jap.

Kami book ticket murah jugak.. RM298 jer sorang pegi balik.. ok la kn..

Ni masa bru sampai Don Mueang Airport.. betul ke ejaan aku tu.. DM Airport jer la yer.

Kami sampai ke hotel kami, The Nook di daerah Pratunam at around 5pm.. ujan masa tu.. hotel ni bersih sgt. Price pon not bad.. THB1,300 jer. Mmg puas ati, dah la dkt sgt ngn Platinum Mall. 

I booked this hotel by contacting the owner via email, cheaper dr guna Booking.Com.

Sila layankan pics di bawah yer...

Antara pemandangan bandar Pratunam.. baru lpas ujan masa ni..

We took this Tuk-Tuk utk ke kedai makan muslim, tp driver Tuk Tuk ni licik, instead bwk kitorg ke restoran lain yg mhl.. sakit jer ati ku.. c psal2 duit mkn sampi RM150 mlm tu.. hangin aku.. So, korang hati2 la klu ke sana, klu dorang antar ke restoran lain, blah jer..

Sbb mlm tu ujan so kami x berjln sgt pas dinner yg mahal tu.. cma gi 7E utk beli susu & tgok2 jer brg2 kt 7E tu.. hehe.. mcm kt kl xde 7E kan..

Tapi mmg kt kl xde bnda ni kan... hehe..

Pastu kami blik ke hotel & zzzz..