Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Ari ni da almost a month I've been using this cute lil' android baby.. so, I think it's about time la to give out some review kan..

Overall, I'm loving it.. like really, really loving it.. It's like I have my internet connection with me 24/7.. bila dan di mana jua..

For full phone specification, you may refer to this website;

The screen size of 240 x 320 pixels, 3.14 inches.. it's actually not so MINI at all. It's bigger than Samsung Galaxy 5 or LG Optimus Me. Senang cakap, it has biggest screen compared to any other starter level android phones.

The camera also memuaskan ati.. with the 3.2 MP, what else you can expect.. at least can still take a decent photo. I know with such price, they have to cut cost at some other things, & 1 of it is the camera. But I have no complaint, I'm fine with camera.. I'm not a professional photographer after all.

The speaker.. ok, still within my expectation. I still put it on moderate volume all the time.. xmo org lain terganggu beb..

Applications.. mmg sgt2 suka.. macam2 da ku install.. dr Facebook sampai la ke games. Da nak penuh da 4 page kt screen saver tu ngn segala applications yang ku download.

Browsing websites also memuaskan, setakat nak cri apa2 info tu ok la lagi.. Nak berfacebook ker, chatting ker.. sumer boleh. Yang paling aku suka, I can do internet banking transaction from my mini android! So, nak transfer duit online ke apa ker, xyah tggu smpai blik umah, dlm kete pon I can do it.. yey!

The downsides lak..

The battery is not so tough.. jap jer da nak kena charge.. yg ni mmg buatkan aku rasa agak geram. Tp when I asked my fren who is using Iphone, dia kata sama jer la.. klu da smartphone tu mmg la cepat abis bateri.

Cannot do video calls.. ok.. this an entry level smart phone.. so, sesuai utk org yg suka go online but don't have big budget to splurge on handphones & gadgets. Kalau org yg suka nk bergayut sambil tgok gambar live org yg sdg berbual ngn anda, mmg handphone ni bkn utk anda.

Tu jer kot yg kurang pada mata aku.

Dari segi rupa lak.. it looks sleek & smart.. ni my opinion la yer.. klu org len rasa buruk, x tau la.. tu mata dorang.. mata aku tgok cun ajer..

Ni photo phone ni yg I got it from GSM Arena's website..

Showdown 2011 - Semi Final

Malam tadi semi final Showdown 2011.. as usual aku mmg da terpacak depan tv nak tgok 2 crews yg aku minat.. non other than ECX & Bounce Stepperz..

Bounce Stepperz's show last night mmg best ok! Kagum aku tgok dorang..

ECX on the other hand, kind off mengecewakan.. well.. not to say they were bad.. they were good actually, very entertaining.. but, the show was a lil not suitable for a dance competition.. let alone a semi final dance competition!

Itu just my 2 cents la kan..

So, the verdict was out.. all top 4 crews are going to the final! Well done!!

P/S: I was shocked to find out that Hunny Madu is actually Hafiz's lil sister! Ke aku yg mmg x tau citer ni... hmmm..