Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Straight? Curly? or Au Naturel??

I have bad hair day almost every day!

My original hair, was extremely messy, super fine frizzy hair. I always envy any girl who is blessed with the smoth silky straight hair.
My longing for straight tresses started when I was still in school, years before some idiots started the idea that to be cool & beautiful, one has to have the silky straight hair. If you don't have straight hair, you are definitely a loser! (This was according to the tv commercial ok, not me..)

I remember this 1 tv commercial, a girl went for an interview, but her hair was so out of place and messy. Then she put on this miracle hair lotion and tadaaaaaa.. she got the job! Huh... what a shallow advertisement!
So I guess, moving forward, we should encourage our sisters, daughters n girl friends to wear their hair straight so that they can easily nail a job.. don't bother to study or get any good grades.. it won't help if one does not have silky straight hair yg 'guna jari pon boleh'.... hehehe...

Anyway, like it or not.. I was also as shallow as the advertisment was.. I would rebond my hair once in every 3,4 months, just to ensure that I look ok. I hate to admit this.. but I guess I was also fooled by the tv commercials.. sob.. sob..

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chocolate Cake for Hubby

I baked this cake for my hubby’s birthday celebration last year. Sajer.. wanna test my credibility as a cook.. hehe..

We also threw a small party aka mini open house for raya celebration at the same time. We invited only a small group of friends to come over.. yer la.. the apartment very small, if invited too many people nanti sumer kena berdiri rapat2 plak sambil makan.

The menu were, my version of mee rebus.. i put mashed sweet potatoes, i used the white ones.. u can use the orange potatoes but it could be too sweet.. (rebus dulu yer before mash the sweet potatoes). I also put a secret ingredient.. not ajinomoto ek.. i blended 1 cup of fried kulit udang & added it into my kuah mee rebus. Actually, u can add this secret ingredient (well.. not so secret anymore!) into mee kari, mee jawa.. mee kuah.. ape2 lah.. but mee soto jgn la.. x sesuai.. other than that, resepi sama mcm resepi mee rebus yg biasa.

I also prepared the Triffle Pudding with strawberry jelly topping. This pudding is 1 of my family’s fav dessert. The recipe, almost similar to resepi puding buah kastard.. cuma swiss roll at the bottom & strawberry jelly on top. Memang menggemukkan.. tpi this time i skipped the swiss roll.. x sempat beli :-p

So, this is the recipe of my choc cake.. i got this recipe from my cousin’s wife 10 years ago. Selalu jugak prepared this cake utk my family punyer birthday parties..

So people.. dig in.

Kek Coklat Yana
250 gm butter
250 gm gula kaster
190 gm tepung gandum
60 gm serbuk koko (ayak bersama tepung gandum)
5 biji telur (size sederhana)
1 sudu teh esen vanilla
3 sudu makan ovalette
6 sudu makan air

Putar gula & mentega sehingga creamy
Masukkan gula kaster dan putar lagi dengan kelajuan sederhana
Masukkan telur sebiji demi sebiji
Masukkan esen vanilla
Masukkan tepung gandum yg telah di ayak bersama serbuk koko, sedikit demi sedikit
Masukkan ovalette dan putar lagi
Masukkan air dan putar sebentar
Masukkan kedalam acuan yg sesuai (loyang bulat size 9) & bakar pada suhu 180◦ C selama 40 minit atau sehingga masak.

2 sudu makan butter
½ cawan serbuk koko
1 cawan gula
2 ½ cawan susu cair
½ cawan tepung jagung

Masak semua bahan di atas api kecil sambil dikacau sentiasa. Setelah masak sejukkan dan sapu ke atas kek.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Online Business

Annoucing my online business, Lilyana’s World Online Boutique!
I’m selling calored contact lenses, women apparel, handbags, bedsheets & homemade chocolates for presents or wedding souvenirs.

For further info n photos, please visit or!/pages/Kuala-Lumpur-Malaysia/Lilyanas-World-Online-Boutique/152866626048?v=wall&ref=ts

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Never Ending Battle

Born as a small sized baby, I grew up smaller than my peers were. When I was 7, I have to wear size 5 YO dress. during those years I've given several names by relatives.. cekeding la, bini popeye la. I remember I used to hope that 1 day I'll grow bigger.. now, how I hope I've never wished for such thing!

Back in college years ago, I was still a size 'S'. It was so useless to wear any low cut tops as I've nothing much to show off.. well.. not that I wanted to show off my asset, but it would  nice if I could pull off the sexy look once in a while.

However, everything started to change when I hit my late twenties. By then, I've realised that it was so not cool to be petite & curvy as every single pound counts. It's so easy to gain few extra pound here & there, but to shed it off.. almost impossible!

I was beginning to befriend all the slimming pills, slimming tea in the market. You name it, from cheap slimming tea to the expensive slimming pills.. I've tried them, tested them.. but most of them did nothing to help me. I was getting bigger & bigger, & before I knew it.. I was already 65kgs in weight.

I was frustrated, depressed.. until 1 day I met Dr Zetty. I went to the clinic due to my fever, but she commented about my size & hinted that she has this slimming program that might help me. I was immediately hooked. I saw a HOPE..

Dr Zetty gave me 3 types of medication, Duromine~ to control my appetite, Mediaxal~ to burn the existing fat & @ the same time acted as a carb blocker & 1 more medicine to help ease the bowel movement. She also gave a diet plan & a handbook for my guidance. Within a week I can feel that I was getting lighter. I was not dreaming or just perasan as I really did lost 6kgs of weight in a week! In 6 months time I managed to reach my target, 52 kg.



I stopped the treatment after 7-8 months from the time I started as I was told that it was not good to rely on the medication for too long.  My weight still maintain eventough sometimes it yoyoed between 52 to 55kg.

In November 2008 I started another battle against my weight. This time it was due to my desire to look my best for my wedding in May 2009. I was not overweight then, but I just wanted to be little slimmer than I was at that time. and once again I was able to reach my target. I was happy with my size n my look on my wedding day.

Now, after almost a year, I've added on few kg more.. & I guess I have to start figting again.. sigh..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A day as a Wedding Planner Wannabe..

3 April 2010

A bride to be, Bib or Bibah (hehe.. sorry Bib), asked me to help her with her wedding preparation. She also asked me to do the hantarans.

Last Sunday, 3 April 2010

The original plan was supposed to be like this; Bib will come to pick me up @ 11.30am & take me to the bridal accessories shops of her choice. So, I woke up earlier than usual… then dragged hubby to the nearest mamak stall to have breakfast. I then texted Bib to just pick me up at the stall instead of my apartment. But when I called her at 11.25am, she said she was still waiting for her fiancĂ©, Rizal to come fetch her.. . ermmm.. sounded like we have to wait for another hour la..

Then Hafiz sent me to Bib's place as he also have to go to another place.

Around 1.oopm we left her place and went to Medan Selera AU2 Keramat for lunch. This food court was located behind Fiske Steak House, another fav place of me & Hafiz.

After lunch, we headed to Lovely Place, near Tesco Ampang. I bought some of my wedding items (paper bags for our door gifts, ribbons..)from this shop. I got the membership card, & now they are offering 20% discount to the members.. Cool!

In Lovely Place

Rizal was taking his beauty nap.. hehe..

The hand bouquet, artificial flowers.. this 1 costs around RM29.90..

After we left Lovely Place, we went to KK Home Deco Mart.. oh my.. the price of the flowers was EXPENSIVE!

We moved to 99 Shop in Setiawangsa, ok.. seemed like this shop was more like it.. Bib bought worth of Rm30 of flowers for her hantaran decoration.

Next, we went to Krismaya in Sri Rampai. Oolala.. the flowers were all beautiful & looked almost real. the price.. hmm.. all that I can say was, reasonable.. they have high priced flowers as well as low priced but high quality 1. Above all, they were also having a SALE at that time.. Bib finally found her bunga telur here, with 50% discount.. how bout that huh?

Dinner at a tomyam stall in Tmn Samudra.. gosh.. it was already late.. my hubby must has been missing me so much.. ;-p

Some of thing that we've bought...

I plan to start working these things out this coming Saturday.. can't wait!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Recycled Wedding Decor

Last weekend – 29th March 2010

I stumbled into these frames of flowers when I was doing doing some cleaning on Sunday. Some of the flowers were already out of place, some even missing!
I wanted to throw away the flowers, but then.. rasa sayang pulak. So, when I was helping out a friend with her wedding preparation, I bought myself a few stalks of red flowers from the ’99 Shop’ in Setiawangsa. I could not find the pink carnations though, so dark red was the next best bet.

5th April 2010

I rearranged the flowers in the frames, since the tone colours were slightly different. I put the darker reds at the centre (the dark ones were lesser than the carnations... ;-p) & the old carnation flowers at the outer side.

Hubby was happy with the new look of the frames, he hinted that I should hang it in our bedroom. Hmm.. why not?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Things To Let Go ~ Wedding dress for sale

Beaded Lace Kebaya for sale.
Material: Lace
Colour: Brownish Peach
Size: S-M (for petite girl)

The Kebaya


The Beadwork

Interested? Kindly message me for price..