Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Never Ending Battle

Born as a small sized baby, I grew up smaller than my peers were. When I was 7, I have to wear size 5 YO dress. during those years I've given several names by relatives.. cekeding la, bini popeye la. I remember I used to hope that 1 day I'll grow bigger.. now, how I hope I've never wished for such thing!

Back in college years ago, I was still a size 'S'. It was so useless to wear any low cut tops as I've nothing much to show off.. well.. not that I wanted to show off my asset, but it would  nice if I could pull off the sexy look once in a while.

However, everything started to change when I hit my late twenties. By then, I've realised that it was so not cool to be petite & curvy as every single pound counts. It's so easy to gain few extra pound here & there, but to shed it off.. almost impossible!

I was beginning to befriend all the slimming pills, slimming tea in the market. You name it, from cheap slimming tea to the expensive slimming pills.. I've tried them, tested them.. but most of them did nothing to help me. I was getting bigger & bigger, & before I knew it.. I was already 65kgs in weight.

I was frustrated, depressed.. until 1 day I met Dr Zetty. I went to the clinic due to my fever, but she commented about my size & hinted that she has this slimming program that might help me. I was immediately hooked. I saw a HOPE..

Dr Zetty gave me 3 types of medication, Duromine~ to control my appetite, Mediaxal~ to burn the existing fat & @ the same time acted as a carb blocker & 1 more medicine to help ease the bowel movement. She also gave a diet plan & a handbook for my guidance. Within a week I can feel that I was getting lighter. I was not dreaming or just perasan as I really did lost 6kgs of weight in a week! In 6 months time I managed to reach my target, 52 kg.



I stopped the treatment after 7-8 months from the time I started as I was told that it was not good to rely on the medication for too long.  My weight still maintain eventough sometimes it yoyoed between 52 to 55kg.

In November 2008 I started another battle against my weight. This time it was due to my desire to look my best for my wedding in May 2009. I was not overweight then, but I just wanted to be little slimmer than I was at that time. and once again I was able to reach my target. I was happy with my size n my look on my wedding day.

Now, after almost a year, I've added on few kg more.. & I guess I have to start figting again.. sigh..


gua.kringet said...

Ko jgn sampai masuk Harian Metro...bergambor sebelah Dr Rozmey.

Scarlett said...

ish.. tu klu da lebih 100kg ok la nk jmpa gi dr rozmey tu.. aku ni x sampai pon 60kg lagi..

fasihah said...

wahh... cam best jer.. mahal tak benda alah tu yana? berminat ni (^_^)

Scarlett said...

utk 3 ubat tu, total dlm rm200 sebulan.. tp yg mediaxal tu da dihentikn penjualan. ade 1 lg, yg ni leh dimkn utk tempoh smpai 2 tahun, namanyer Reductil.. cpt susutkn kwasan perut & pinggang.. mkn yg ni jer, xyah amik duromine tu da. tp mhl ckit dr duromine & mediaxal, i bru survey, 14 biji yg 10mg dlm RM100, klu yg 15mg, 14 biji dlm seratus lbih.. tu utk 2 weeks jer.
skrg ni i bru jer strt buat detox, i amik inte-cleanse dr DCL. sbb di galakkn detox dulu sbelum strt ape2 slimmming program, bru lebih cpt kesannyer..

Anonymous said...

Hi Scarlett, I am a journalist and am trying to get in touch with people who have taken Mediaxal. Could you please contact me? My address is Thank you! Carol

Anonymous said...

Can I know where is Dr Zetty's clinic? Do you mind to share the clinic name address or tel? Is the clinic still carry duromine? Appreciate if you can email me the details. My email address is

Scarlett said...

I'm not sure if they still carry duromine.However mediaxal is no longer available. the clinic's address is:
I don't have the phone no.