Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The New Adventure of Cupcakes with snowy icing frosting

I always want to try making cupcakes with colorful topping.. but I never got a chance to attend any classes. Few weeks ago I bought an icing presser.. but I never used it.

So today, 23/05/10.. I decided to try..

As a 1st timer, I tried using the simplest method of making the topping.. I used the basic royal icing recipe. This topping will hardened when exposed to air, n does not have the buttery taste. So this recipe suits those who dislike the taste of milk or butter.

This recipe also a hit with children.. so if you plan a birthday party for kids maybe you can use this recipe..

Simple royal icing.. (got it from the net)

175 gm of icing sugar
1 egg white
1/2 tablespoon of lemon juice

whisk egg white and add icing sugar. beat again until fluffy. add in the lemon juice to neutralise the eggy taste. beat gain and can add some food colouring.. jgn la plak ltak water colour yer kawan2.. ader plak yg masuk wad nanti..
then apply the topping to your cuppies..

I've to practice more.. the topping still comot.. hehe..

Thursday, May 6, 2010

LACES & RIBBONS ~ Gifts & Hantaran Ideas

Announcing my latest blog.. LACES & RIBBONS ~ Gifts & Hantaran Ideas

The service provided is preparing gubahan hantaran, bakul, kotak & tapak hantaran for weddings. We also offer homemade chocolates for presents and wedding door gifts.

Feels free to check out

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary to Us! ~ Dinner at Mandi-Mandi Tamarind Springs

It still seems like yesterday, I still remember everything clearly. We were legally married after 2 times of lafaz akad nikah. I still remember, how wonderful the day was....

And today, 2nd May 2010.. we are celebrating our very 1st wedding anniversary.

Last night, 1st May 2010.. he took me to a very posh restaurant, Mandi-Mandi, Tamarind Springs in Ampang. I was really swayed by his effort to impress me & to make me happy. I once mentioned to him that I wished to have a very romantic candlelight dinner on our annivesary nite, but I didn't really hope so much for it to happen though. However he had made my dream comes true, eventhough I know, this dinner will cause a huge dent to his pocket. We are not the kind of people who will spend lavishly on things that we think are not important. We both have our own financial commitments to meet every month, yet he's still willing to spend for our night.. that's so romantic!

We left home at 7.00pm as the reservation was made for 8.30 dinner. We were not really sure on how to get there, but we had a slight idea about it's location. We reached there at 8.00 pm. Well, I could not help but to agree that it is a very romantic place.. the moment we walked through the front gate we felt as if we've stepped into a totally different world.. a world of serenity & romance.

The Restaurant

We walked down the walkway towards the restaurant. At the left & right handside of the walkway were all plants, created a unique atmosphere.

The walkway

We then took a stair to Mandi-Mandi, a Malay-Thai restaurant.

We were then taken to the pool area where we were given a small hut for our dinner. It was really beyond my expectation, as earlier on I thought we will be a given a usual dining table under a cocomo hut. Apparently the hut was cushioned & equipped with large pillow for comfort.

The hut was facing the pool & beside us was the nature.

Then it was time to order the food. The menu was kinda like screaming, 'Expensive!". But anyway, we love the place & we were waiting for it for months.

I ordered Cranberry juice  & Hafiz, Apple juice for our drinks. We also asked for a sparking water for additional drinks.

We had Spicy Papaya Salad for our starter.. not so spicy for me anyway, but nice & crunchy.

Next, we ordered the Red Tom Yam Mixed Seafood for our soup. This tom yam was a bit different from the normal tom yam as it was added with some coconut milk & the taste was less tangy then our normal tom yam from the local tom yam shop.

For the main course, we ordered Pandan Chicken & Grilled Squid.

Vege dish, Sauteed Kailan with Garlic & Salted fish.. my fav!

Hafiz was indulging himself..

Personally, the food was nice.. but too expensive. The dinner costs us a total of RM218.00, which we can get triple of what we had here at other places. So, my conclusion, if you were planning for just a dinner, you might as well go to a cheaper place. But if you wanted a wonderful & meaningful dinner, this is the place!

We had bought a cake for the dinner.. a small, cute one. I bought it from Kedai Kek Hidayah near our place (yeah, the same bakery where I bought my 3-tier wedding cake last year). The bakery owner already knew us since we were a regular there. She even wished us happy anniversay..

No annivesary dinner is complete without the anniversary gifts.. we had done our best to find something for each other. It was not an easy task though, as we had to find an alone time to buy the present without the other half.

I bought him a full leather Pierre Cardin wallet, but didn't buy the wrapping paper. So I have to work some magic to make it look presentable.. xkan la nk bgi dlm plastik bag jer. So, I wrapped it with 1 organza piece and put a ribbon on top of it.. hehe.. all from my 'work box for hantarans'.

This is Hafiz's gift to me, a white gold ring that I've been longing for all these while. I showed this ring to him when we were in Carrefour the other day, so, I know he bought it from Lazo Diamond.. hehe..

We are so in love with each other!

The night was a very special for us. It symbolise our triumph to overcome all the obstacles we had faced in our 1st year of marriage. We pray that this union will lasts till the very end of time.. Happy 1st wedding anniversary to us!