Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Johnson's pH 5.5 Facial Wash.. Please Bring It Back!

Have you guys tried this facial wash?

This is the best facial wash I've ever used, unfortunately this facial wash is no longer available in KL.

What I think about this product..

1. It didn't dry my skin
2. My face was velvety soft.. sila muntah skrg..
3. No tight feeling after the wash
4. Wallet friendly :-)

1. The bulky packaging
2. No longer available :-(

Until today I still couldn't find any other facial wash within the same price range that can give the same result. So I just have to go for the 2nd best for me, Garnier green.

Johnson's & Johnson's, please bring this facial wash back to Malaysia.. I really do miss it..

Why Do I Blog?

I never asked myself this one question, "Why do I blog?". I guess it just happened. I saw some friends blogged & I thought, "Why not, maybe I should blog too!".

Then I started to write about my life, my wedding preparation & other things, I did it just out of fun.. because other people do it.

It never came to my mind that whatever I wrote will be read by random people who seeks information until I began to search for the information of infertility treatment. Yes, it was easy to get the information when I googled, no doubt about that.. but when I narrowed the search down to Malaysia, not much I could get.

So I decided to blog about my trying to conceive journey.. hoping that it can give some information to other people who wants to TTC in Malaysia. Well, of course not everybody seems to agree with that idea.. some said it was too personal to be blogged about and should only be discussed in private. But I beg to differ, I believe there's a lot of women out there are seeking for such info.. I was one of them.

Sometimes I wrote about eating places I visited, not because I want to show off to people that I went to those places.. but because I think since I have already went there, I might as well share them with other people. After all, I got to know most of the places from other blogs.. ;-)

My point is, don't just take & take all the time.. sometimes, you have to give back to the community. Remember.. even the simplest, shortest post can still go a long way..