Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Johnson's pH 5.5 Facial Wash.. Please Bring It Back!

Have you guys tried this facial wash?

This is the best facial wash I've ever used, unfortunately this facial wash is no longer available in KL.

What I think about this product..

1. It didn't dry my skin
2. My face was velvety soft.. sila muntah skrg..
3. No tight feeling after the wash
4. Wallet friendly :-)

1. The bulky packaging
2. No longer available :-(

Until today I still couldn't find any other facial wash within the same price range that can give the same result. So I just have to go for the 2nd best for me, Garnier green.

Johnson's & Johnson's, please bring this facial wash back to Malaysia.. I really do miss it..