Kenangan Terindah...

Kenangan Terindah...

Yana & Hafiz

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My TTC Journey ~ IUI # 1

After 6 cycles of clomid + trying naturally failed.. we moved on to IUI.

My 1st day of this cycle was on 19th Jan 2012, so I starteid clomid on 20th Jan 2012. On 1st Feb my follicle has already reached 18mm.. I was then given the HCG trigger to induce ovulation.

IUI was scheduled on 3rd Feb. We reached hospital Selayang at 8am. Hubby produced his sample and then we waited around 1 hour for the sperm to be washed.

At 10 am the IUI was done by Dr Mazedah. Please refer to to know more about IUI process.

Doc advised us to do UPT after 2 weeks time to know if the IUI succesful or not.